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Zoom Meeting on July 14  Susan Tuttle:

The July 14th General Meeting will focus on beginning and ending stories.

Did you know you have only 5 to 10 seconds to snare readers? No matter how well written the rest of your story is, if the beginning doesn’t pull readers in, no one will ever know. 

This month, in Brilliant Beginnings, we’ll look at the Rule of Firsts, discuss 8 strategies for opening hooks, the 5 “W’s” of the opening, the 7 essential elements of an effective opening, the 5 purposes of paragraphs, and the role backstory plays in story openings. 

In Extraordinary Endings, we’ll discuss the two-step process, how the ending connects to the entire story, and explore the 8 types of story endings and when to use each one, and the value of cliffhangers, so that readers come away satisfied and wanting more of your work. 

Don’t forget: the Critique Table begins again at the July meeting! Send your two pages to Susan ( and Terry ( by the Saturday before the meeting (July 11), then login at 5:15 and to hear the submissions read and critiqued. And, of course, stay for the general meeting.

If you have any specific issues or questions you’d like covered, just let me know up to a week before the meeting:

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