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Writing in a Time of Pandemic

Well, here we are meeting online again! For many of us, reality has been disrupted for a while, and the shifting may continue, even as we start to open up.

How has this affected your writing?

In the June SLO NightWriter’s meeting, let’s explore what it’s like to write in a time of pandemic. Maybe we can help each other.

Here’s what I plan to cover:

  • How to recognize and honor the “cognitive load” that comes with uncertainty

  • Writing as self-care

  • Tips for self-editing: how to make your writing presentable to the world (even if your haircut isn’t!)

You can help make this session valuable to you by reaching out to me ahead of time ( and letting me know if there’s something you want to cover:

  • Is something particularly tough about your writing right now?

  • Is something going really well

As last time, we’ll meet online early to chat, then I'll do a presentation, and then we'll have time for conversation again at the end.

Register for the meeting here:

You will get an email with a registration link that has everything you need to connect (I hope!). Save that email and use it on Tuesday night, June 6, to join the meeting.

Other details. You’ll join with the camera and microphone off. You can turn them on for the conversational parts of the meeting, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I look forward to seeing you again online in June!


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