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Book Marketing Triage - A Strategic Plan for Authors 

Brian Schwartz – March 10, 2020

Triage: The process of determining the most important goals, problems, and marketing objectives among many possibilities.

Knowing where to find your readers is half the battle. Once you do, it's a matter of focusing your time on the greatest areas of impact. Brian Schwartz (a full-time book marketer) will discuss what’s working and what’s not. You will walk away with a game plan of what to do next and gain a new perspective on what it takes to succeed as an author.

Brian’s Bio

Brian is a Cal Poly Grad in information technology. He is currently living in  Morro Bay. He is the 'Brew Master' for TechBrewa tech centric group that meets the 2nd Monday of each month in downtown SLO. 

Brian worked for tech companies from 1994-2008. In 2008, Brian began interviewing entrepreneurs and launched a publishing company, 50 Interviews

As publishing became disrupted by the internet (namely Amazon), authors & publishers seek to leverage the new opportunities in eBooks, print-on-demand, and internet marketing. Since 2009 Brian has worked with over 500 authors. In 2016, he launched AuthorDock and PubWriter - SAAS/Webtools for authors and small businesses.

Brian has authored two books: 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs The Secrets of Thriving in Uncertain Times and Finding Speaking Success and was featured in Wild Ink: Successful Secrets to Writing and Publishing.

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I hope to see you there.

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