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Simply Clear Marketing - San Luis Obispo Counties premier marketing firm - Simply Clear Marketing & Media

Simply Clear Marketing & Media is where you will see your neighbors, your friends and family: The residents of San Luis Obispo County have deep roots in the community, and this is the paper where they will see their life and events around them. Our goal is to be the papers that are integrated into the hearts and minds of the residents of the cities we serve.”

Simply Clear Marketing & Media print 30,000 copies that are distributed in more than 600 racks/locations in the county, besides online.Simply Clear Marketing & Media editors are looking for fictional short stories with word limit 600.

If you have a story that fits the bill, either on paper or in your head, please take a look at the submission guidelines for further instructions. Once you submit, your story will be forwarded to the SLO NightWriters editorial committee for a review. Based on the committee's input it will then be either forwarded to Simply Clear Marketing & Media, or returned to you with a request for edits. You will be notified about the steps of the process via e-mail. You will receive a constructive feedback from your friendly peers and an opportunity to be published in local press.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, Jeanie Hundertmark,  Simply Clear M&M Submissions Manager for SLO NightWriters, at:


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