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President - Janice Konstantinidis

Janice Konstantinidis joined SLO NightWriters in 2010 with the goal of developing her writing skills.  Janice Konstantinidis lives in Paso Robles, on the Central Coast of California.  She enjoys writing poetry, memoir and short fiction.  Born in Dover, Tasmania, Australia, she immigrated to the USA in 2005.  She draws inspiration from nature and a deep regard and sense of the transience of life. 

Janice has had many of her poems published in  literary magazines in the USA. She finds great joy and comfort in writing poetry.

Janice’s Wikipedia page is This entry illustrates the various complexities of her life as “Forgotten Australian.”  Janice been featured as a guest writer for the Australian National Museum on several occasions. 

Janice recently published a book of ekphrastic poetry in collaboration with a Tasmanian photographer, Lorraine Flakemore. The book title is "Words of Beak".

Janice won the 2020 Lillian Dean Inspirational Award at the Central Coast Writers Conference.

Janice has a lively sense of humor and is often mischievously guilty of writing several limericks a day. Her poetry, often lyrical, often asks the reader to look deeply into the beauty of nature.


Bachelor of Arts   - University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Letters - Australian National University

Graduate Diploma in Education – University of Canberra.

Vice-president - Mary Silberstein

Mary Silberstein was born in Saudi Arabia. Her father worked for Aramco oil company there. She traveled the world with her family right out of the cradle… travel and adventure are in her blood. She first began writing as a young child, journaling during trips to the states and across Europe. She finds writing and reading, movies, music, and theatre, to be wonderful escapes into life’s great adventures.

The author began writing poetry 30 years ago. Over the years, her poem subjects have included revelations on the beauty of nature and celebration of the human spirit. A nurse by profession, mother, and grandmother, she understands human frailty, its joys and loses.

She is the winner of several poetry contests, has been published locally over the years, and has been an active member of Central Coast’s SLO Night Writers for the past five years. Her first collection of poetry, No One Told the Redwood, was published on Amazon in 2018. The Search for Blue Sky, her first published novel, came out in 2022.

California has been her beloved home for most of her adult life and she enjoys world travel, with Hawaii as a favorite go-to place. She currently lives on a small ranch on the Central Coast with her devoted husband Stephen, beloved dog Fox Z,  seven amazing chickens, and two Pygmy goats; Cody and Cooper. Children and grandchildren live nearby and keep her young and busy.

Secretary - Jim Livingston

Treasurer - Cheri Grimm

Programs Director - Steven Mintz, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Accounting

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Read Dr. Mintz's ethics blogs at:

Webmaster - Janice Konstantinidis

Janice joined SLO NightWriters with the goal of developing her writing skills. Janice Konstantinidis is both an Australian and an America Citizen. She lives on the Central Coast of California.

She has been writing shorter pieces, prose, poetry most of her life. She is currently writing a book of limericks.

Janice won four awards in the 2013 Lillian Dean Writer's Contest. First and second place in 'Creative Non Fiction Memoir', and second and third place in Poetry. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Tasmania, a Bachelor of Letters in English Literature from The Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Canberra. 

Social Media Coordinator - Meagan Friberg

Freelance writer, editor, photographer

Volunteer Coordinator, Central Coast Writers Conference

(805) 610-4252

Sunshine Chair - Judythe Guarnera

Member At Large - Leonard Carpenter

Newsletter Editor - Position Vacant

Critique Group Coordinator - Position Vacant

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