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Tuesday January 10th, 2023 6:30 p.m.

Our Speaker will be Marguerite Jane Jones

‘A Daily Writing Practice’

Nurturing Your Writer’s Calm (NYWC) is for you, the hesitant writer. You have a heartfelt desire to write, but somehow you get stuck. NYWC teaches you how to get into the optimal state so your creativity flows easily. The three-step process, designed to usher you into your unique place of creativity, is both simple and innovative.Writer's block is now a thing of the past. Seriously. You can't help but write when you follow these supportive techniques that help you harness your creativity.What's more, there are only three steps that take ten minutes a day.Isn't it time you produced usable content that both intrigues and fulfills you? Buy this book now and quickly build your creativity muscle and give yourself the skills needed to employ your vast imagination whenever you wish.

About the Author


We each have multiple pivotal life experiences. One such experience of mine was one night along a young mountain road when the world seemed to disappear. Being the only road home, I slowed forward into a pea-soup fog. The children became hyper-silent. What if - thoughts, all vied for my gut's attention as it battled to stay on the road beneath the tires.

The chill of the night woke me where I had passed out on my bed. Nothing had prepared me for that experience. it was not a dream/nightmare. We made it home.

To know that "words don't teach" is to know their full power. To know the power that "words don't teach" is to have experienced both the profound freedom and extreme constraints of communication. 

The writing and publishing of Nurturing Your Writing Calm is the opening of a door for me. It is my desire to invite others to explore their stories and so find the questions and solutions that await them.

I was born in Toronto, Canada and now live in Southern California.

Marguerite Jane Jones

cell: 805.551.9428

fax: 310.317.7175

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Due to the ongoing weather event, the in person part of the January General Meeting has been cancelled.  Please join us on Zoom!

Attend in person at:

United Church of Christ

11245 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 848 7459 8868

Passcode: 613345 

Round Tables Critique Sessions begin at 5:15 pm

Terry Sanville and Mark Arnold will be here to critique your work

Please keep your submission to two pages, typed, 12-point font, double spaced. This is a great—and safe—way to see what the critiquing process is all about, get valuable feedback from two fantastic writers, and practice reading your work to a small audience

This is an opportunity to get feedback on your work in progress and practice your constructive critiquing skills. It is also a great way to get to know other writers in our group. You do not have to bring along work to participate. Please keep submissions to double-spaced, 12 font, two pages.

Terry and Mark would like to see your work in advance. Please send any work you'd like ctiriqued to Terry and Mark



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