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SLO NightWriters Board 

We value members willing to serve on the board of directors and contribute to the vitality of SLO NightWriters. The following is a description of board positions. Please consider filling one of the open positions.

Board Positions and their duty statements: 

Board members are expected to attend all board meetings. If this is a problem, please contact the President.

President SLO NightWriters

The board president is the head of the board and of the organization. The president works with board members to develop strategic initiatives. The president calls and conducts meetings of the board members and ensures that the board’s directives are implemented and monitored.

The President also creates committees and appoints committee chairs. The president collaborates with other organizations and bodies to carry out the organization’s mission and ensures accomplishment of goals. The president reviews, reports and records, and directs members in their roles. 

The president partners with the organization leadership to promote the organization or nonprofit. The president is tasked with providing strong leadership for the organization by working with the board and other board members to establish short and long-term goals and develop plans to carry out strategic initiatives. 

The president is responsible for presiding over the entire organization and will manage budgets in conjunction with the Treasurer and make sure resources are allocated properly.

Vice President:  

The vice president of the board, who may also be called the vice chair, is prepared at all times to assume the role of board president, if necessary. The vice president, whose knowledge and commitment mirrors that of the president, may serve in the president’s place for board activities and in the spokesperson capacity. The president may delegate special assignments to the vice president.

Board Secretary:


The Secretary must attend monthly Board Meetings to write down the decisions, deliberations and suggestions of the board members (officers).

The Secretary records the meeting time (start and finish), the place, members and guests present.

The Secretary's report (Minutes or Agenda) should include the written reports of each board member, including the Secretary's own. Officers' reports are normally obtained by email before the meeting, or at, or after the meeting from the board members.

The Secretary's report should be promptly emailed to the President, to be reviewed by the board members for any additions or corrections.

At each Board meeting, the Secretary's report is submitted for approval by the Board.

Programs Director:

The Program Director is responsible for finding speakers for the monthly meetings. The Program Director may solicit advice from the Board of Directors and input from members in good standing. All communication between speakers and the SLO NightWriters should be initiated by the Program Director including confirming speaking dates, asking for information about the speaker/presentation to be posted to the website, logistical matters, and whether a speaking fee will be paid. The decision to pay a fee to a speaker is up to the board of directors


Newsletter Editor:

Social Media Coordinator:

Member at Large SLO NightWriters

Unlike other executive board leadership positions, such as a president or treasurer, a member at large doesn't have a specific role. A member at large serves as a liaison to the general membership. Duties change as defined in organization bylaws or as needed to fulfill board requirements and address overall organizational goals. A member at large is a full voting member of the board of directors.

To properly represent the membership,  a member at large should attend  board meetings. Attendance gives the member an understanding of the board's direction and stance on issues. Taking information back to the membership in a timely fashion is imperative. It means the membership is able to contribute to the decision-making process before the board votes and finalizes its plans to carry out strategic initiatives.

Board Members:

Janice Konstantinidis


Janice Konstantinidis, joined SLO NightWriters in 2010 with the goal of developing her writing skills.


Janice Konstantinidis lives in Paso Robles, on the Central Coast of California.

She enjoys writing poetry, memoir and short fiction. 

Born n Dover, Tasmania Australia, Janice immigrated to the USA in 2005

She draws inspiration from nature and a deep regard and sense of 

the transience of life. 

Janice has had many of her poems published in several literary magazines in the USA. She finds great joy and comfort in writing poetry.

Janice’s Wikipedia Page,

Illustrates the various complexities of her life as “Forgotten Australian.”

Janice been featured as a guest writer for the Australian National Museum on several occasions. 

Janice recently published a book of Ekphrastic poetry in collaboration with a Tasmania photographer, Lorraine Flakemore.

Janice has a lively sense of humor and is often mischievously guilty of writing several limericks a day.

Her poetry, often lyrical, often asks the reader to look deeply into the beauty of nature.


Bachelor of Arts   - University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Letters - Australian National University

Graduate Diploma in Education – University of Canberra.

Vice President:


Steve Derks


Steve is a native of Houston. A graduate of Northwestern University, in Engineering Science. Five years in the Navy followed by 30 years as an Engineer and Procedure Writer at Diablo Canyon.  He is currently enjoying his retirement.

Steve loves the outdoors, reading, and travel.

Leonard Carpenter:


Much-published author of stories, poems, and eleven Conan the Barbarian novels (as a “posthumous collaborator” with Robert E Howard, 1906-1936). Experienced as a technical writer for Disney, Strasbaugh, and other hard and software purveyors. Two novels published since, and my current novel project Fountain of Youth is a modern-day fantasy quest set in Cuba.

2. Published Books:

Tor PBs: Conan The: Renegade, Raider, Warlord, Hero, Gladiator, Savage, & Outcast;

Conan the Great; Conan of the Red Brotherhood; Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast; Conan, Lord of the Black River.  Digital on Kindle and Smashwords: Biohacker.

And since November 2017, Lusitania Lost in bookstores and online from Mango Publications. 

Leonard Carpenter (go to

author of LUSITANIA LOST  from

Program Director:

Steven Mintz, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Accounting

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Website: Read Dr. Mintz's ethics blogs at:,, and

Steve Derks.

Newsletter Editor   Acting  Position is Vacant.

Susan Tuttle   RIP   Monday June 6th 2021

SLO NightWriters Member at Large. Education Coordinator.

Susan was a native of Buffalo, New York, Susan moved to the Central Coast in 2004. She was the author of the suspense novel, Tangled Webs. She continues to win awards for her short stories, novels and, recently, her creative non-fiction. Susan wrote sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, paranormal suspense and spiritual meditations. 

She was also a professional editor/writing coach. 

We are so very grateful to Susan, a founding member of SLO NightWriters, for time, and generosity of spirit across all the roles she worked on the board of SLO NightWriters.

Susan is greatly missed by all and then some.

Jim Aarons, DVM.

Membership Director - Member at Large

Central Coast Writers Conference Book Table Committee.


Meagan Friberg

Freelance writer, editor, photographer

Volunteer Coordinator, Central Coast Writers Conference

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, SLO NightWriters

(805) 610-4252

Assistant Social Media and Publicity Coordinator 

Abigail Aarons


Janice Konstantinidis

Janice joined SLO NightWriters with the goal of developing her writing skills. Janice Konstantinidis is both an Australian and an America Citizen. She lives on the Central Coast of California.

She has been writing shorter pieces, prose, poetry most of her life. She is currently writing a book of limericks.

Janice won four awards in the 2013 Lillian Dean Writer's Contest. First and second place in 'Creative Non Fiction Memoir', and second and third place in Poetry. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Tasmania, a Bachelor of Letters in English Literature from The Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Canberra. 

Critique Groups Coordinator: 

Tina Clark

Our very kind non board member volunteers:



Assistant Webmasters 

Steve Derks

Critique Group -  Round Tables - Moderators


Terry Sanville    805-541-0492

Round Table Critique Sessions moderator

Susan Tuttle

Round Table Critique Sessions Moderator


Mary Siberstien

Sunshine Corner:

Judythe Guanera

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