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board duty statements


The President serves as the official representative of the organization and ensures compliance with our bylaws, board policies, and state and federal requirements.

The President is responsible for overseeing committee and chairperson appointments and activities.

The President is the head of the board and of the organization. The President works with the board members to develop strategic initiatives. The President calls and conducts meetings of the board members and ensures that the board's directives are implemented and monitored. 

The President collaborates with other organizations and bodies to carry out the organization’s mission and ensures accomplishment of goals. The President reviews, reports and records, and directs members in their roles. 

The President partners with the organization leadership to promote the organization or nonprofit. The President is tasked with providing strong leadership for the organization by working with the board and other board members to establish short and long-term goals and develop plans to carry out strategic initiatives. 

The President is responsible for presiding over the entire organization and will manage budgets in conjunction with the Treasurer and make sure resources are allocated properly.


The Vice-president of the board is prepared to assume the role of board president as necessary in the President's absence.

The Vice-president, whose knowledge and commitment mirrors that of the president, may serve in the president’s place for board activities and as  the spokesperson for the organization. 

The President may delegate special assignments to the Vice-president.


The Secretary attends monthly board meetings to write down the decisions, deliberations and suggestions of the board members and attendees.

The Secretary records the meeting details, such as  time, place, board member attendance and guests present.  

The Secretary's report (Minutes) includes the written reports submitted by each board member and , including the Secretary's own. Officers' reports are normally obtained by email before the meeting, or at, or after the meeting from the board members.

The Secretary's report should be promptly emailed to the board members following each meeting for review, comments and corrections.

The Secretary provides a corrected version of the board meeting minutes to the board at the following meeting for approval by the board.

The Secretary assists the Treasurer and the President as required with documentation and signatures when new board officers are elected and bank account signatories are changed.


The Treasurer manages the organization bank account and supervises all financial transactions.    

The Treasurer provides monthly financial reports to the board. 

The Treasurer ensures compliance with all Federal and State requirements for nonprofit organizations.

The Treasurer assists the membership with financial transactions related to SLO NightWriters events such as book sales, auctions, fund raising, etc.

Programs Director

The Program Director is responsible for finding and scheduling speakers for the monthly general meetings.

The Program Director may solicit advice from the Board of Directors and input from members.

All communication between speakers and the SLO NightWriters should be initiated by the Program Director including confirming speaking dates, asking for information about the speaker/presentation to be posted to the website and newsletter, logistical matters, and whether a speaking fee will be paid.

The decision to pay a fee to a speaker is up to the board of directors.

Social Media Coordinator

On any given day, a social media director might be responsible for setting the strategy for an upcoming product launch, meeting, or event.

Analyzing data across platforms,

Coordination and messaging with any relevant public relations and communications.

Check-in on all social media platforms eg:





Create content – Graphics, Videos, Meme etc.

Engage with community frequently

Solicit new contacts.

Membership Director 

Tracks membership status and provides reports for for the board.

The Membership Director establishes contact with new members to ensure that their membership goals and needs are met. 


Contest Director

The Contest Director is responsible for managing writing contests (e.g. the Golden Quill Writing Contest) when such contests are approved by the board.

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor prepares the monthly Wordsmiths newsletter for publication on the first of each month. 

The Newsletter Editor is the contact point for all submissions to the newsletter.  

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for formatting, review and distribution of the newsletter. 

The Critique Group Coordinator

Will facilitate member connections with others to initiate and form their own writing critique groups.

Will keep contact with critique group leaders

Keep apprised of new and closed critique groups.

Report any changes to the Webmaster.

Be available as a point of contact.

Will try to ensure all members of the critique groups as displayed on the SLO Night writers website, are members of SLO NightWriters.

Will remind leaders of our mission and general codes of conduct.

Will report to Board meetings.

The Webmaster

The Webmaster maintains the organization's website.

The Webmaster initiates global membership emails. The President shall be the gatekeeper of all outgoing emails. 


Sunshine Chair

The Sunshine Chair is a member designated to contact other members who are known to have become ill or experienced loss, etc. 


Unlike other leadership positions, such as President or Treasurer, a member-at-large doesn't have a specific role. A member at large serves as a representative to the general membership. Duties change as defined in organization bylaws or as needed to fulfill board requirements and address overall organizational goals. A member-at-large is a full voting member of the board of directors.

To properly represent the membership, a member-at-large should attend board meetings. Attendance gives the member an understanding of the board's direction and stance on issues. Taking information back to the membership in a timely fashion is imperative. It means the membership is able to contribute to the decision-making process before the board votes and finalizes its plans to carry out strategic initiatives.

For questions: email

Mailing Address:
1126 Nipomo Ave
Los Osos, CA 93402

Meeting Address:
11245 Los Osos Valley Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

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